Posture and Strength Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist
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I'm Gemma and I created Generation Strength. I specialise in Posture and getting people strong. I have over 6 years coaching experience and I'm a certified Personal Trainer from England with a BSc in Nutrition and Physiology. I am also a certified Nutritional Advisor that is passionate about helping people fit healthy food choices into their lifestyle by teaching them a better way to eat and live. 


I believe that the fitness industry is broken. I believe we sell cardio and reduced calorie diets to women instead of teaching them how to feel strong in their bodies. We teach meal replacement shakes are a substitute for healthy satiating food, that fat loss is down to sheer determination and will-power.


We are taught to blame ourselves when we don't see results following a terrible training plan that beats us down or makes us lose muscle. In a world where access to more information has only made things so much more overwhelming, it can feel as though the only way to reach our goals is with extremes.

Reaching your personal goals doesn't mean having to miss out on tasty meals or kill yourself at the gym. It just means you haven't yet found the right trainer, workout plan or nutritional approach that works for you.

My main mission is to bring strength training to women using science-based programming, posture assessments, nutritional knowledge and teaching how to create good habits that actually stick.


Women deserve to feel strong, confident and powerful. Strength Training is the answer.





I created Generation Strength in 2015 after working in gyms in England, America and Spain. No matter the country or gym, I saw that there was always a missing piece when it came to Personal Training. There was a separation between strength training, mobility, posture, nutrition and habit coaching. I knew that I had to create a model that would bring all of these pieces together whilst catering to each individual's specific needs.


Generation Strength was created to be more than just a workout, a rigid diet plan and temporary results. My unique coaching combines:

100% Individualised Strength Training

Flexible Nutrition

Assessing and Correcting Posture with a Daily Reset Program

Healthy Habit Coaching and Accountability


Individualised training is only possible with a posture assessment. It is here where we begin to understand exactly what your body needs. Posture is not just sitting or standing up straight. Posture is the key to pain-free movement, being strong, confident, improving physical performance and it's even linked to better digestion and gut health.


We all want to feel strong, be lean, healthy and live pain-free. The best way to get there is through strength training. It is the foundation of a healthy body and mind.


Strength training may sound intimidating but it simply means challenging your body to become stronger. As a result, you will lose fat, build muscle, gain energy and confidence.


The next step is simple, working with you to find your own version of strong, fit and healthy.


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