Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert
Founder of Generation Strength

I have spent 5 years in the health and fitness business. I want to coach people to be their strongest selves. I have made a lot of mistakes when it comes to food and fitness. It has been years of trial and error. 

I've restricted, then binged when I couldn't handle the deprivation any longer. I've cut it all out again because perfectionism was the ultimate goal. I've done hours on the treadmill when I wasn't satisfied with the way I looked. I always wanted more defined abs and less fat around my legs. I expected it to make me happy, make me feel worthy and good enough. It was absolutely exhausting. And I never felt better. I felt less confident, hungrier and irritable with low grade pain in my body.

​I wish I had had the perspective I have today, about my body, food, exercise and my health. However, that's what I am doing for my clients now. Coaching and guiding them to feel awesome in their body, to enjoy food, to shift their mindset to building strength and fixing their posture so that they feel empowered, confident, strong and ready for whatever life throws at them.

Your unique journey is about finding your version of strong, lean, confident and healthy. I am here to give you the tools. Together, we have to find a space for the things you want to keep from your current lifestyle whilst creating a new space for you to grow out of your comfort zone and into a new way of health.


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