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Training with Gemma has totally changed the way I treat my body, from what I eat to how I move. I was constantly hurting my back and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.

I have a slip disc and she has made my quality of life extremely better, adapting all exercises to my specific needs. I don’t feel limited at all anymore and I can finally start playing paddle again.

She taught me how nutrition, posture and body mechanics are connected and she approaches everything together at a pace I can keep up with, making the changes deeper and long lasting.


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I was able to turn my life around thanks to Gemma. I had been overweight since my early twenties, I always wanted to change but couldn't do it alone. Gemma gave me the strength and motivation to make dramatic life changes. 

Instead of running, she introduced me to strength training. I became stronger and noticed my body composition started to change. She kept on top of me with nutrition and helped me choose habits I needed to focus on to see longer lasting results. Before Gemma I would yo-yo between weight. However, since working with her I have been able to maintain all my progress by following her great training and nutrition plans. I couldn't be happier with her coaching and she has given me the confidence to pursue bigger goals and take my health to the next level. 

Simon, UK

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I have been working with Gemma for 2 years as a member of her group training. She has made me leaner and stronger. I work in an office so I am constantly sitting. My pain is alleviated every time I see Gemma at our workouts. If I come to her after a weekend of not moving much she fixes me again. I am very happy with out training sessions and even though we work out in a group setting she is fantastic at moving around, spending time with every person, making sure we all understand and perform the exercises well. 

Her workouts are always challenging she pushes me and motivates me but also knows when it's important for me to ease off or do more foam rolling or stretches. She frequently does my posture screen and shows me the results from the previous month so we can decide what to focus on for the next month. She doesn't just give me exercises she explains exactly why she has selecting each exercise specifically for me.

Giacomo, Spain

When I first started training, the goal was to lose some weight for my wedding day. Since day one I could really tell my body was feeling better. I have always wanted to be healthy but I struggled with consistency. Gemma can tell when this is happening and somehow is able to keep me going, sometimes it is a change in the plan or a couple of wise words. When Gemma did the first assessment everything started to make sense. After a year I understand and respect my body so I know what it needs and how to do it. I will always be grateful.

Lucía, Spain

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When I began training with Gemma in Feb 2017 I was dealing with depression, emotional eating and low self worth. Gemma helped me focus clearly on my health and fitness goals and break them into achievable steps which meant I saw continual progress and maintained motivation. Within aa year I had dropped 45lbs of weight and improved my muscle tone. My mental health and general wellbeing improved dramatically and I am now happy in my own skin.

Summer, Scotland


I am a pretty active person and have been exercising ever since I can remember but I have never felt as good after a workout as I have with Gemma. She is kind, professional and pushes you to get where you want to be. After 15 sessions with her, I can say that I feel more energetic and I am already starting to see good changes in my body too. I look forward to every session with her!

I have also done batch cooking sessions with Gemma and I highly recommend them! I often eat vegan and she put together super tasty recipes. I had enough food for the week after a 3 hr batch session with her. She gives you a shopping list, she gives you unique recipes that suit any eating preference you have, she comes to your house and shows you how to cook and leaves you with fridge full of healthy delicious meals. 

Lidia, Spain


Gemma helped me to learn the importance of building muscle and getting strong. During my time working with her I broke my old patterns with exercise and nutrition and created a better, more sustainable relationship with food. She has taught me the value of honouring my body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst still enjoying life. Without the calories, without the diets, without the excessive cardio.

Thanks to her habit coaching I am confident I will not go back to where I started.

Alison, USA


After struggling with body-related self-esteem and finding myself going in between fad diets, not caring about my physical health much and going to the gym like a maniac, doing anything and everything, I finally got in touch with Gemma after a weekend during which I genuinely felt like making a change.

Turns out that was the best decision I have made for my body and mind in a long time. Not only does Gemma cater to your personal lifestyle, she also makes sure to check in with you, making sure that what she is proposing actually works for you, as opposed to just applying a general structure in regard to food and workouts on a client. I genuinely appreciated the personal approach, and was very confident this would work out after filling in a personal, custom questionnaire and going through the steps of the programme with Gemma.

Not only have I lost weight (which, if I’m honest, was one of my main goals), I have also toned up and become stronger in general - both physically and mentally. Gemma makes sure to incorporate mental wellbeing in her programme, and her calmness and mindfulness was exactly what I needed at times where I felt less determined to make this work.

Overall, I could not be more pleased than I am right now. I’m healthier, stronger, look and feel better and am generally more confident about how I look, move and most importantly, feel.

Investing in Generation Strength and trusting Gemma to work with/on me was definitely one of the better choices I have made for myself. I can wholly and wholeheartedly recommend the Schofield Experience to anyone who is looking to start changing their life instantly.

Jasmïne, Belguim

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If you want to improve your health and fitness, Gemma is the best motivator, educator and support. I've always lived an active lifestyle but I knew very little about how my body worked. Through individualized workouts, Gemma showed me how to improve my posture and mobility and as a result feel stronger and happier. Gemma also taught me the purpose behind each exercise and how it ties into my overall goals, which is something that I can take with me for life.

Julia, Spain