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1 ON 1 IN-PERSON Personal training

1 ON 1

We know that living a healthy lifestyle or getting in great shape can be overwhelming. That's why we like to offer comprehensive packages that take all the guesswork out of training, eating, planning and execution. We love to help our clients feel empowered, motivated and inspired to keep reaching their health goals. 

From strength workouts, training programs and skill development to nutrition coaching and accountability, we offer something for everybody.  

Introducing our 1 on 1 Coaching

Initial Consultation alongside a Posture & Movement Assessment.

A multi-faceted and holistic approach to training, strength, health and nutrition. We offer habit support and nutritional coaching to fully support and guide.

Our focus is on the way your body moves. We start with the fundamentals of proper movement and training away from pain. This is why we focus on both form and function, on movement before load, and on strength over a wider range of motion.

Your work, family, travel and lifestyle are all taken into consideration. We don't promise quick fixes, we promise lasting change, learning, and we promise to provide you with what really matters, to feel better in your body, to move well, to be pain free, to have confidence in how you approach your training and health.

Gemma at Generation Strength Strength and Posture Specialist


The Port, Muelle Uno

If you are looking for a convenient and centralised spot, then Muello Uno is a great choice.


Situated above the shops at the port overlooking the water and cathedral. Our training takes place at a grassy area close to a children's climbing frame. 

Personal Training in Malaga outdoor
  • Bodyweight Variations

  • A Suspension Trainer

  • Resistance Band

  • A Light Barbell

  • Glute Bands

  • Mini Bands

  • A Weighted Vest

  • Kettlebell

Personal training outdoor malaga

The Beach Gym, Baños Del Carmen  

If you prefer to workout with a seaview and a well equipped outdoor gym park, then this is a better choice.


Situated along the promenade right on top of the Mediterranean Sea. Training is by the functional exercise equipment on the fake grass. 

Train by the beach in malaga spain
  • Monkey Bars

  • 3 Suspension Trainers

  • Attatched Kettlebells

  • Pull Up Bars

  • Parallette Bars

  • Inclined Handles for Push Ups

We also bring the same equipment listed

for the Port location

Train by the beach outdoor in malaga span

We are also able to travel to your home

As this is an outdoor area, our equipment availability is limited to:

The equipment available:


From warm-up to cooldown, each session lasts approximately 60 minutes and helps you get fitter, stronger and more flexible. The way a workout is ordered matters more than you think! Especially when it comes to specific goals such as building muscle, losing fat or improving  athletic performance.

Fitness isn’t just about what happens in the gym. We think about health holistically.

Of course we train for better mobility, to be stronger and fitter, but it doesn’t stop there. Our coaching team also supports you with nutrition and healthy habit coaching. Our tailored training goes the extra mile to help you reach your goals. What you want to achieve shapes what we do together, whether that’s improvement in movement, function, cardio, a sport specific challenge, rehab or prehab.

Typical Costs of Personal Training:

€45-50 for 1-on-1 training sessions.

The cost depends on which bono pack you choose. 

We also provide holistic plans that are tailored to each person

and which include nutrition, habits, accountability and access to our online app. 

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