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Our 1-to-1 Tailored Online Coaching is delivered through our training app, perfect for those who want to work out at home or the gym with a personal trainer in their pocket. If you are seeking expert guidance by a certified personal trainer with 10 years of experience and you want a fully customised program with real-time support and accountability, and nutritional coaching to help you stay on track then we have got you covered. What sets us apart from other coaches is our expert knowledge on how the body moves, strength training, our incorporation of flexibility training and our testimonials of happy pain-free clients with better posture.


No matter what online personal training option you choose

Our online coaching benefits

A posture and movement assessment to test your flexibility and mobility

A fully personalised or customised well-rounded Strength Training program, reviewed, discussed with you and updated every month

A fully personalised or customised 'Daily Posture Reset' plan to address postural imbalances seen in your initial assessment

Built-in progressions week-to-week for each strength and mobility exercise to help you get stronger and become more flexib

HD video demonstration showing correct form and common mistakes so you know exactly what to do and what not to do. Alongside written descriptions of each exercise

Online Program


For you if, you are looking for a fully personalised and comprehensive personal training package. Made specifically for you. 


As close to a 1-1 personal trainer as you can get. Mobile App, Customised Strength program alongside a daily flexibility and Mobility plan in this on-going subscription.


We are 88% more likely to reach our goals if we hire a great coach

than if we attempt it on our own.

Client feedback and testimonial


1 on 1 Coaching client

“I like that the program changes every month. I think the monthly assessments are a great bonus because I get to see where I am making improvements. She tracks my workouts closely and is always giving me feedback."
Online Training Client Feedback


1 on 1 Coaching client

“Gem is brill. The workouts are challenging and well explained. She's done everything for me so I don't have to think about food or exercise. Our weekly accountability chats really keep me motivated. It was the best decision I made"
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