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Get Stronger
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Live Pain-Free, Now

Your body was designed to move freely

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Posture meets Strength

A personal trainer in your pocket. This comprehensive strength program, with an emphasis on posture, can be done at home or the gym. Fresh new workouts every month alongside daily posture exercises, monthly assessments, recipe packs, and accountability. You'll see continuous progress without having to think about what to do next.

Expertly created to include strength training fundamentals, targeted posture exercises, mobility and equally as important, scalable movements to meet you where you are. Whether it be pike push ups or handstands, deadlifts or bodyweight hinges, pistol squats or stationary lunges.

Join us for a well-rounded and personalised monthly training subscription delivered right to our downloadable app.


What sets our great program apart from other great programs

Posture meets strength our program
With Posture-meets-Strength you’re going to feel stronger, more flexible. You're going to learn how to 'feel' the exercises targetting the right places to better muscle engagement. This isn't just a workout program, we have a built in educational process where we teach you about your body, month to month.

Posture-meets-Strength is comprised of all the classic strength lifts like squats, deadlifts and rows but we also include a ton of core stability, single-leg work and multi-planar training, posture correction exercises and power. 

Here are the qualities you can expect from our program


When someone sells their fitness program through their body and physique updates, it raises red flags and is sometimes an attempt to cover up a lack of expertise. Instead, we provide education and have both in-person and online coaching experience. Gemma's academic background, alongside her decade of coaching, gives her a deeper understanding of how to fix posture and improve strength beyond simple stretches and random exercise selection. 


Each of our HQ video demos go over proper technique, common mistakes we have noticed in all our years training clients and how to correct them. It isn't about going through the motions. It's connecting the exercises to specific muscles and joint movements so that you can actually start benefiting from the carefully selected exercises.




Our approach to training is thorough. We incorporate power, strength, core stability, mobility and conditioning/isolation whilst working in different planes of motion (directions). This means we address muscular imbalances, we maintain joint integrity and reduce risk of injury/pain. 


Every single aspect of the program has been designed to get you stronger, move freely without pain and make progress, every month. We know the science and rationale behind our programming so nothing is left out.


Whether you want to improve your fitness level or athleticism, make changes in your body composition, decrease your pain, or simply move better, we have you covered.


A great program makes use of RPE (rate of perceived exertion) or RIR (repetitions in reserve) and tells you how to progressively overload each week (get stronger through gradual increase in stress to the muscles). 


Most programs do not offer alternative exercises or show proper progressions or regressions. Our program meets you where you are by scaling movements back to help build a solid foundation, or alternatively, advancing the same exercise to challenge you further. This is demonstrated within each exercise so you can see where you fall on the progression scale. You may choose to stay where you are for the duration of the plan or try the harder variation the following week.




We believe that the harder the program and the longer the workout the less sustainable it is. Ultimately, a program should be challenging yet manageable and sustainable for the long term. 

We know that to progress week to week and month to month requires consistency. We want to be realistic with how much time people have to dedicate to their fitness and health. That's why our daily 'Posture Reset' moves to address postural issues can be completed in 5 minutes and our workouts never take more than 50 minutes.


The full-body workouts are challenging but won't leave you exhausted for the rest of your day so you can be sure to come to your next workout recovered and ready to progress.



Before I started Posture meets Strength, I was inconsistent with my training, I would jump from one program to another or complete random youtube workouts, which made it hard to see progress. This program is amazing, I am getting so much stronger, I can now perform 10 proper push ups and I could only do 1 before and I am even working on doing a handstand! I have been on the program for over a year and I love the progress I'm making. Every month

the plan changes and I get excited when the day arrives.

Maríe, Germany

Posture-Meets-Strength member since 2021

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For just €59/month you'll receive a comprehensive and well-rounded customised posture and strength training program that provides:

Posture meets strength sign up

HD video demonstrations of each and every exercise, alongside common errors and how to correct them.


Detailed written descriptions of each and every exercise.


Built in progressive overload so you can see better results week to week.

Modifications and variations for every exercise so that we can match with your training experience, mobility level and equipment availability.


A fun and balanced approach of using kettlebells /dumbbells, bodyweight, and bands

A personalised Posture Reset plan to get the most out of your strength training days, improve posture, and alleviate pain and tightness.


We thought about more ways we could provide a more comprehensive and in-depth personal coaching experience for you to help you get the most out of your subscription.


"HOW TO" walkthrough videos for specific movement patterns

With each new program, we film a "HOW TO" walkthrough video explaining how to perform a specific type of movement pattern. Each month we focus on a new movement, such as the hinge (aka deadlift), providing a thorough explanation with tips and cues for the movement so you can master it and be confident you are performing it correctly. 

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Goal accountability and program tweaks

Unlike other apps or done-for-you programs, if you have a specific goal we want to incorporate that into your monthly workouts. Whether it be performing a handstand, working with rings, or touching your hands to the floor, we encourage our client's to set monthly goals and help keep them accountable.

WEBSITE 3 (2).png


Coaching call / check in

Some of our clients like the autonomy of just getting on with their program whilst others require a little more help, support and advice. That's why we offer an optional monthly/ whenever-you-need it coaching call via email, phone or zoom. This 1-on-1 time can be used to do a further assessment, if pain or stiffness is present, or to discuss a movement you are struggling with, or to check your form if it requires in-the-moment feedback. 


ON-DEMAND video workouts

We wanted to offer instructor-led workouts to bring the best part of in-person training to our online program. This way you get to feel like we are right there with you, doing the workout together. Whether at home or in the gym. Choose from kettlebell-only workouts, core blasts, upper body, HIIT, mobility routines and much more. This is great for those that want to work out more than 3 times per week, want to develop a certain body part or wants to spice up there current plan. 

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As close to a 1-1 trainer as you can get.

A monthly strength program with

3 Full-Body workouts per week

Upload your posture photos monthly, receive feedback & updated posture moves

Plenty of progressions and regressions to accommodate different experience levels

New monthly recipe pack complete with tasty & healthy meals, shopping list, MFP tracker & macro info 

Tailored to either at home or

in the gym

 A 5 minute 'Daily Posture Reset' plan customised to your specific posture issue

A monthly mobility & strength self-assessment to track your progress

Access to our full library of

On-Demand videos to spice up your training, improve mobility or learn a specifc movement

  • What is the app called?
    We deliver our programs through the Trainerize app! Our app is called Generation Strength PT (in the Google play store) and Trainerize App (inside the apple app store). Within 24 hours of you placing your order, our team will create a Trainerize account for you and you will receive instructions on how to download the app and create your user login details. The program will already be loaded onto your account and you'll be able to get started right away!
  • Do I need access to a gym?
    No you don't. There are two options for the subscription plan. At-Home or At-Gym. If you are working out at home you will need some basic equipment. This includes the following 1 kettlebell (preferably 2, 1 lighter and 1 heavier) 1 resistance band (a light to medium band - for stretching and some strength exercises) A foam roller (for your posture reset and mobility drills) A glute band (optional but strong advised) We try to keep the exercise list minimal for those that what to work out at home. However, if you want to buy additional dumbbells or a pull up bar etc, you can do that and just let us know which equipment you have access to (this info will be gathered from you in your initial questionnaire form once you sign up to the app)
  • What is the posture part of this program and why do you include it?
    Our program has two main features: Strength Program Posture Reset Plan The posture plan is performed daily (ideally) and involves 5-6 mobility movements that take 5-6 minutes. These movements are selected based on your postural issues and are updated every 4 weeks, alongside a new Strength program. We have found addressing posture to be the key to long term results, consistency due to lack of injuries and stiffness/pain, and getting stronger. When we are sitting all day or spending a lot of time on the phone/computer with our legs crossed or slouching or leaning to one side, this causes a chain reaction in our body and results in tight muscles. Other muscles, such as the glutes, get terribly weak because we are sitting on them all day. Weak glutes are directly linked to lower back pain. To get rid of lower back pain we must strengthen the glutes. A program that does not address posture is simply not a great program.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    We want to make it easy for you to cancel. We hate the process of cancelling subscriptions that take us through different pages and "are you sure" checklists. So you can either cancel directly from inside your app by clicking on your billing information. Or you can message us directly in the app and we will take care of your cancellation for you! If you prefer, you could also email us at Whatever option you choose, your subscription will be successfully cancelled and you will not be charged for the next month.
  • Does my subscription auto-renew?
    Yes, subscriptions auto-renew each month so that you don't have to purchase the next phase every time one is coming to an end. Instead you will get the new program uploaded straight to your account! Alongside your Daily Posture exercises and new recipe pack. Of course, you can cancel any time so if at any point you're not interested in continuing, you can cancel it yourself or simply message us through the app and we will take care of cancelling your subscription!
  • Can I sign up for Posture meets Strength if I have Scoliosis?
    Absolutely, our Posture Assessment will show us the degree of severity and the postural adaptations and compensations your body has made as a result of the scoliosis. You will be assigned to the Scoliosis Posture Reset plan where you will be given 5-6 daily exercises, completed in 5-6 minutes to help alleviate your pain and tightness as well as fix strength imbalances. The strength training plan will incorporate important moves like bird dogs, bridges, unilateral limb movements and pelvic floor exercises.
  • Is this a subscription or one-time payment?
    This is a monthly subscription plan that charges €59 per month. You will be asked to register a debit/card card for the monthly payments. You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, if you'd like to finish the month's worth of posture movements and workouts, we recommend cancelling your subscription a few days before your next invoice is due, that way you can enjoy the rest of the month without losing access. If you are looking for a one-off payment then we offer this types of programs, either go to "online training" or get in touch.
  • Is this a Generic or Personalised program?
    This program is customisable and it is as personalised as a program can get without working with a Personal Training 1 to 1. We wanted to create an amazing monthly strength and mobility program that wasn't a one size fits all. The way we have achieved this is: Posture Photo Analysis so we know what your specific postural issues are (swayback, flat back, anterior pelvic tilt, posterior pelvic tilt). This way we can give you specific postural exercises Monthly Posture Exercise Updates as the months progress you should see noticeable changes with your posture, this means that every month we will build on previous months so that we can continue to realign postural deviations and bring you into better alignment 2 to 3 Variations for Each Strength Exercise some exercises just feel better for our bodies than alternatives. You shouldn't be forcing a specific movement pattern or making yourself do a version of an exercise you are not ready for. That's why our program gives you the exercise, then 1 regression and one progression. So the exercises can meet you where you are and not the other way around. Selected Strength Exercises That Reinforce Good Postural Alignment when you first sign up we will take your 3 posture photos and your self assessment to place you into the correct "Posture group". For example "Posture meets Strength Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT)". This means, you will receive the best mobility moves to target correcting APT but you will also receive Strength exercises in your workouts that are best suited to APT. For example, front loaded squats are a much better alternative to back squats for APT.
  • Can I sign up for Posture meets Strength if I have lower back pain?
    Absolutely, in fact, our program is targeted towards people who are currently experiencing chronic pain or those that have postural issues and would like to address them. We target lower back pain by opening and mobilising the hips through our Daily Posture Reset plan, teaching correct pelvic alignment, showing better sleeping, sitting, standing and walking posture, as well as selecting exercises that help reduce lower back pain and strengthen and stretch specific surrounding muscles
  • Do you address Posture in the Strength Workouts?
    Yes, aside from the Daily Posture Reset plan which specifically focuses on key postural areas (muscles/joints) we address posture in each strength workout. We do this in a few ways: We always include a minimum of 2:1 ratio of Back:Chest Exercises or Posterior Chain: Anterior Chain. [This means for every chest exercise you do (chest press) you perform 2 back exercises (row, pull up). This is because when we sit often our shoulders rotate inwards, our chest muscles get tight and our back muscles become weaker. This leads to slouched over posture and an cause headaches, neck pain, upper back pain and movement restriction]. Depending on your postural issue some muscles are tight/overactive and weak/underactive. Our strength plan makes sure that you are strengthening the weak muscles associated with your posture. For example, if you have swayback posture then the strength program will focus on strengthening the hamstrings eccentrically and strengthening the hip flexors. If you have anterior pelvic tilt the exercises selected will strengthen the quadriceps, the rectus abdominals and the glutes. Our workouts improve posture (and strength) through multi planar exercises. This means that we work the muscles from all possible directions. Muscular imbalances occur when we only train in one plane for example, squats, step ups, sprints, bench press. Our program targets the other planes of motion so we include lateral, rotational and single exercises. We make sure to ONLY include the exercises that will improve your posture not make it worse. For example, crunches are a NO for swayback posture because they encourage more thoracic flexion (the main problem) and target the already overactive rectus abdominals.
  • What if I don't want to work out 3 times per week?
    Not a problem! We actually have 2 and 4 day versions of the program available, and you can simply message us in the app and we will switch you over to one of those options instead!
  • What do I get each month from this program?
    Here is everything you get access to and everything that happens each month in our Posture-meets-Strength plan: - A strength and mobility program that is updated every 4 weeks - The strength program includes 3x full body workouts [adapted to home/gym/equipment available] - A daily Posture reset plan that consists of 5 exercises to complete in 5 minutes to address your specific postural issues - A recipe pack with 15 new recipes, 2x weekly template, a shopping list, methods/instructions and myfitnesspal barcode for macro tracking [optional] updated monthly - A self-assessment to perform the day before your new program starts to track your progress (takes 20 minutes) - Postural photo analysis (full length photos from front, side and back, uploaded to your user dashboard) alongside feedback from us - Access to our On-Demand videos including follow-alongs, finishers, body part workouts, mobility exercises and "How to" tutorials. - In-App support via messaging for any questions regarding your program - A monthly review to be filled out before the new program starts to get your personalised feedback on how we can make the program even better. This review also comes with questions related to your goals and habits so we can cater the training to you and support you on your fitness journey.
  • What Equipment will I need?
    We understand that everyone has slightly different access to equipment, so we created two versions of our Posture meets Strength program: HOME and GYM. The main difference between the two is that the GYM version will utilise barbells and a bench. Otherwise, the programs will be quite similar in design. If you don’t have access to barbells and a bench, or if you simply don’t enjoy using barbells, you’ll want to choose our HOME option at checkout! Essential equipment for HOME: - 1 kettlebell (if budget allows we recommend 1 lighter and 1 heavier kettlebell) - 1 to 2 resistance bands (we recommend 2 different thicknesses) - 1 to 2 glute bands (we recommend 1 light/medium and 1 hard) - A foam roller (we recommend foam material and not hard plastic) Optional equipment for HOME: For those that have more space and a bigger budget - 1 pair of dumbbells - A pack of mini-bands - A pull up bar We want to make our program as affordable as possible, so we will send a PDF to your email containing links to the above equipment from a retailer we use ourselves (Decathalon) GYM equipment that we will utilise: - Barbell - Plates - Squat Rack - Bench - Kettlebell - Dumbbells - Pull Up Bar - Resistance Band - Glute Band (you may need to purchase this as some gyms don't have it) - Foam Roller (recommend purchasing for daily posture reset) - TRX or Suspension Trainer Don't worry if your gym doesn't have all of the above equipment, there will be equipment variations for each exercise.
  • Is there an Initial Assessment?
    Yes, once you sign up you will fill out a questionnaire and upload 3 full length photos - Front, Side and Back. These photos will be used to assess your posture. Next, you will perform a Self-Assessment. This self-assessment will take around 20 minutes and it will include: Posture Assessment (the 3 photos) Mobility (assessments that test mobility at the ankle, knee, hip, spine and shoulder) Flexibility (assessments that test specific muscle flexibility such as the hamstrings) Strength (assessments that test the strength of particular movements/muscles) Endurance (assessments that test how long your muscles can work for before becoming fatigued) The self-assessment comes with in-depth videos and instructions, both in video and picture format. If at any point you are unsure of your score or need a specific test to be checked, you can record it and send it to us for immediate feedback. After the initial assessment, you will be complete the assessment again every month, a day/two days before your new plan starts). We find assessments invaluable when programming and they help to show progress better than any other method that doesn't involve testing.
  • Do I have to start at the beginning of the month or can I start at anytime?
    You can start at any time. Each program lasts 4 weeks so no matter when you start it will count as Day 1 for you.
  • I have experience Strength Training but I don't know anything about my posture
    Even with Strength Training experience you will benefit from incorporating posture into your workouts. Most strength programs don't target postural imbalances or take into consideration each individual's bodily needs. By following our program you will be sure to only be performing movements that will keep you pain and injury free. Posture is so important when it comes to strength training and it's often the biggest neglected area but when we address posture we get stronger, we keep injuries away and we are able to stay consistent with our workouts.
  • Can I sign up for Posture meets Strength if I am a beginner?
    Absolutely, our program is suitable for all levels. Each exercise in the workouts come with an entry level movement / regression movement so that you can start with the basics. As you get more comfortable you can progress onto a more challenging variation. However, we would rather you stick the the basics for quite a while so you can really nail the technique and feel confident performing the movements. We believe in quality reps over fancy moves to impress people. It is all about performing the exercises carefully, confidently and with great form. If you are a true beginner and you are not even sure how to correctly squat, lunge or pick something up from the floor, then don't worry. The first month of the program teaches you how to do these things and you'll perform a smaller number of exercises so you can really focus on learning the movements. We also have a ton of "How To" videos, where we go over, in great detail, how to perform a squat, a lunge, a push exercise, a pull exercise, a deadlift, a core move etc,.
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