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We teach people how to move well.
We address postural issues and pain.
We help people feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies.

Hi, I´m Gemma

Founder and Trainer of Generation Strength.

I am a lover of anything chocolate or peanut butter and busy trying to make posture cool.

After training in a gym for 13 years and being a Personal Trainer for 10, I have learned a thing or two about how to help people reach their fitness goals. One thing I know for sure is how passionate I am about posture and how it is essential for getting stronger, being more flexible and living pain-free.

I love to see people make progress with their strength, hear their back aches have gone and have people tell me they now understand their bodies in a way they hadn't before. All because they know which movements work best for them and how to perform them well. 


My mission is to help people, like you, to understand your body, by bringing postural awareness into your strength workouts whilst making the process fun and enjoyable.

About Gemma from Generation Strength

Strength & Conditioning Coach
UK-Certified Personal Trainer
Posture Expert
BSc Physiology, Human Movement & Nutrition

What we do here at Generation Strength

Getting into shape doesn't have to be so intense and complicated. So many of us get consumed by trying to do everything at once, all the cardio, strict diets and extreme workouts, none of which are sustainable or enjoyable! We are here to help make fitness and health fit into your life, rather than take over it.

We specialise in posture because we want to help people in pain, or help them before they get to the pain part. Posture is the the missing link. Great training programs have to address postural imbalances. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When we identify what those links are, we open the doors to a stronger, more resilient and flexible body.

It doesn't have to be boring though! We are on a mission to make posture cool. What's cooler than living pain-free throughout your life, having a strong body, unrestricted joints and confidence when walking down the street? 


Tailored Fitness & Nutrition Coaching 
For Every body

Our bodies are different, our posture is different,

our lifestyle is different.

This is we approach each person that comes to us from all possible angles: strength, mobility, posture, food choices and daily habits. 

We help people stop "trying to get in shape" and start getting stronger whilst fixing their posture. Whether you want to workout in-person, from the comfort of your own home, have a comprehensive program to take with you to the gym, learn new skills or correct your movement technique, we've got you covered.

About Gemma from Generation Strength Personal Training
Gemma Strength and Posture Coach at Generation Strength

Hi there!

I am Gemma, a Personal Trainer that specialises in fixing posture through strength and mobility focused training.

My vision for Generation Strength is long lasting health, strength and happiness. 

I believe that training to feel strong with an emphasis on pain-free movement leads to a more sustainable and enjoyable life.


The Story Behind Generation Strength

I, Gemma, created Generation Strength back in 2015 after working in gyms in the UK, USA and Spain. No matter the country or gym, I saw that there was always a missing piece when it came to Personal Training.

Nobody was addressing posture within the context of training. I, myself, struggling with chronic lower back pain on the left side, despite only being in my early 20's and playing sports since the age of 5. I was training hard in the gym 5 times per week alongside stretching. I couldn't understand why getting stronger and fitter wasn't fixing my pain. 

Then, I studied in Arizona for a year and worked with a Personal Training facility that opened my eyes to the role of posture in health, performance and fitness. I was blown away! Never during my 4 year degree or Personal Training history had I been taught, or even come across, just how important posture and movement assessments were.

Sure, Personal Trainers do fitness assessments but from what I saw there was never a posture evaluation, joint assessment, screening for specific muscle weakness, compensations and tightness, or assessing quality of movement.

I learned my body was compensating for weaker muscles or favouring one-side of my body when coming up from a squat and lunge. That was causing a domino effect.

I became fascinated by how an old ankle injury could lead to my hip pain and glute issues. As time passed, as the weight on the bar or dumbbells increased, my body began to lay down new patterns, and tell itself new stories around how I should move, which meant less pain, better recovery and ultimately I was stronger and fitter than I had ever been, because I was finally pain-free and could be consistent with my training. I knew that I had to

take this knowledge and create a training system that would bring posture evaluation, mobility and strength training together. This way I could truly help my clients to feel better in their body and give them the tools to feel this

way for the long haul.

I moved to Southern Spain and set up Generation Strength in 2016 as a small in-person coaching service.

It's come a long way since then, taking our business online to reach a wider audience and help more people to get strong and fix their posture. In 2021 we took Gen Strength online, developing our own training app, creating a customised monthly subscription training plan and spent more time creating science-backed fitness and posture programs.

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