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We believe that training to feel strong with an emphasis on posture, and therefore, pain-free movement alongside small persistent choices, lead to sustainable positive changes long after our clients leave us.

We also believe that each of us are at different starting points, with different goals and different bodies. It is important to recognise this because it means we can tailor everything from exercise selection and mobility drills, down to our coaching style for each person. 

Whether you are just starting out or are ready to take your training to the next level. We have got you covered.

Tailored Coaching Generation Strength

Tailored Fitness & Nutrition Coaching 
For Every body

Our bodies are different, our posture is different, our lifestyle is different.

This is why we approach each person that comes to us from all possible angles: strength, mobility, posture, food choices and daily habits. 

Online Coaching


Looking for 1 on 1? Have a specific goal in mind? Try our comprehensive individualised coaching experience from wherever you are. Our programs, posture plan, nutrition, habit tracking, video calls and accountability are delivered through our training app. 

Tailored Coaching ONLINE Generation Strength
Tailored Coaching IN-PERSON Generation Strength


We offer 1-1 and Small Group training in Malaga, Spain. Choose from our fully equipped gym, beach workouts, or outdoor workout areas. We specialise in strength and posture correction. We believe that there is more to health than fitness so we also include nutritional coaching and accountability.  


Join many others on our Posture-meets-Strength online monthly program and get fresh workouts, recipe packs and posture-reset exercises every month, delivered directly to our app. 


Our programs address Swayback Posture, Anterior Pelvic Tilt, Flat Back and Posterior Pelvic Tilt.

Posture meets Strength Online Program for mobility and strength
Downloadable plans by Generation Strength


Looking for a one-time payment, no commitment program? Choose from our plans and courses. Whether you want to address your specific postural issues, get stronger as a beginner, or build your glutes and unlock tight hips, we have got you covered.

All our plans come with HQ videos and detailed audio descriptions as if we were there with you. 


Who You Are

We want to get to know you first so we like to kick things off with a consultation to discuss your goals, training experience,

a typical day eating, lifestyle habits and health history.


How You Feel and Move

We don't like generic plans. That's why we always do a posture and movement assessment before we write any program. It's important to know how your body feels to you and how well you move.


Tailored Program

Once we know how you move we create a 100% Personalised Strength Program alongside a daily Mobility plan to address your postural imbalances that we picked up in our assessment.


Teaching and Education

We don't just give you a program to follow. We teach you about your specific postural issues,

we help you move correctly and we show you how to properly progress exercises.


Food and Lifestyle

We know a training plan works better with sensible eating and healthier habits. We offer nutrition and habit accountability to help you with your food choices.


Progress and Review

Once we know how you move we create a 100% Personalised Strength Program alongside a daily Mobility plan to address your postural imbalances that we picked up in our assessment.

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