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Performing a Pull UP

With our tailored online personal training, we write individualised workout plans, nutrition coahing and guidance, and on-going support and accountability to help you feel better in your body.

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Do you prefer to follow an online workout plan? Check out our exercise programs with tailored routines and expert guidance. All plans include instructional videos and a ton of extras.


Our Personal Training sessions take place in Malaga, Spain. Choose from Individualised personal training with 1-to-1 or small-group fitness classes (maximum 3 people).


Generation Strength Testimonial

Pierre, 1 on 1 In-Person training

Generation Strength Testimonial Posture

Dora, In-Person Small Group Training

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Dips Strength Training
The ultimate method
To lifelong fitness and health

Whether you are aiming to build muscle, feel better in your body, improve athletic performance, enhance overall health and well-being, address muscle stiffness or pain, we have got you covered. At GenStrength Personal Training, we integrate posture, mobility and strength training into our tailored coaching. 

We want to help people get stronger and move better. We know that the best way to do that is to combine strength training with posture coaching.


No matter your goal, it starts with a posture and movement assessment and builds into a well-rounded strength program that fits into your lifestyle, for the long term.


Posture Assessment

Creating an amazing exercise program to get you stronger and moving better requires a posture and movement assessment. Nothing too strenuous, we just want to know what areas are tight and stiff whilst getting an idea of how you move, before going forward.


Action Time

Now your tailored plan is ready, it is time to get to work. With built in periodization, the training plan adapts to you on a weekly basis. From sets, reps and weight, to exercise progression/modifications. Our workout plans are clear, concise and easy to follow. We offer full support and accountability every step of the way.

Tailored Training
We custom create your exercise and nutrition plan following the posture and movement assessment. By combining the right strength and mobility exercises, we can address muscular imbalances, fix pain, improve posture and build well-rounded strength.
Monthly Progress

Each month we review your strength & mobility exercises and your program as a whole and then update them. We repeat the posture assessment to show improvements made. This is why the assessment is so valuable, you will get to see the progress you are making in strength, flexibility, endurance and overall fitness.

Our Approah


Don't want to commit to 1-1 personal training? Choose from our workout plans, the personalised monthly subscription training program, or just download our free PDF to get started with your fitness journey

Monthly Subscription
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Online Monthly Subscription Program

A personal trainer in your pocket. Join us for a well-rounded and personalised monthly training program subscription delivered right to you via our downloadable app.

Expertly created to include strength training fundamentals, functional training, targeted posture exercises to fix pain and stiffness, mobility and equally as important: scalable movements to meet you where you are.

Strength 101

Beginning Your Journey To Strength

A 6-week done-for-you strength training program that teaches you the basic foundational movements so you can feel confident with working out. 

This program is for those new to strength training

(less than 2 years experience).

It's also designed for those of you that wish to rebuild your fitness base, or address any asymmetries or imbalances.

Mobility Training

Perfect Posture Courses

Moving Freely Without Pain

Whether you have chronic pain that you can't seem to fix or you are an athlete/fitness enthusiast that wants to improve your mobility and performance. Our number of Perfect Posture courses deliver efficient (5-10 minute daily routine) and effective programs to help you get back to health or keep doing the active things you love.

Better Posture


From our Posture-meets-Strength Monthly Program

This free PDF is a sample week of training taken from monthly subscription plan. It includes:

  • 3 Day Full-Body Workouts  

  • 5 Minute daily Posture Reset 

  • Sample Meal Guide 

  • Sample Monthly Assessment

Including our programming philosophy of why we choose the exercises we choose. There is always a scientific rationale behind putting our monthly plan together.

Free 7 Day Strength Program

Bum Mastery

Glute Training For Health

This is not your average "build your glutes" plan. It also helps to unlock tight hips, alleviate lower back pain and teaches you how to activate your glutes for best results. We incorporated targeted mobility movements based on a series of lumbo-pelvic-hip-complex assessments. 

This is a periodised glute-focused strength program that teaches you our 5-step method to getting stronger and healthier glutes.

Glute Building Training for Strength


Gemma is a UK-REPS Certified Personal Trainer with a BSc (honors) degree in Anatomy, Human Movement and Nutrition. She specialises in postural re-alignment and strength-based training. She will teach you everything you need to know to get stronger, feel better in your body, and become more flexible/live pain-free.

Gemma at Generation Strength


BSc Physiology & Nutrition

A Decade of Experience

CSCS®, Posture Expert

What we do here at Generation Strength

We are a personal training service that help people get stronger, more flexible and feel better in their body. We specialise in posture and restoring proper alignment through the body in order to address stiffness in the muscles and joints and fix pain. One of our main goals is to help people in pain, or help them before they get to the pain part.

Posture is the missing piece. Great training programs must include strength training, functional movement, flexibility & mobility but also address muscular imbalances and joint range of motion. When we identify and target weakness, tightness and restriction, we open the door to a stronger, more functional and flexible body. For most of us, that reward is better than any short-term fitness plan for fat loss or muscle building alone. 

It doesn't have to be boring, though! We are on a mission to make posture cool! What's cooler than being strong, living a pain-free life and feeling good in your body?


Ready to begin your fitness journey? Share your contact details for a free consultation, and I'll help schedule your appointment. No obligation for the first session. Questions about training options? Feel free to ask!


Location: Málaga Centre, Andalucía, Spain


Phone: +34 615825047

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7:00 am – 9:00 pm

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