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Online Glute Program by Generation Strength

Bum Mastery

Glute Training For Health, Strength and Performance

Bum Mastery is a strength and mobility program that teaches you our 5-step method to getting stronger and healthier glutes. This is an online strength and conditioning program catering to all levels of fitness from beginners who are new to strength training to office workers and gym enthusiast.

These total body strength training workouts are highly efficient to maximize aesthetics, body composition, strength, and address lower back and hip pain. Take your training to the next level and improve your physique in as little as 4 hours per week!

Our 'Glute Specialisation' Program

Bum Mastery

This 8-week periodised strength training program is not your average "build your glutes" plan. It also helps to unlock tight hips, alleviate lower back pain and teaches you how to activate your glutes for best results. We incorporated targeted mobility movements based on a series of lumbo-pelvic-hip-complex assessments. 

This program is designed to build your glutes, address tight and locked hips, address any asymmetries or imbalances and take your full body training to the next level


First, Sign Up

Click the "Sign Up" button to enter your info via our secure app.

Then, Buy Program

Once you buy the program you'll receive an email invite to set up your account and get access the app and your Strength 101 program.

Finally, Get Lifting

Now you have full access to your 6-week program, watch our tutorial videos and start training right away.


Online Glute Program by Generation Strength Program
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Here's What You Get

A clear, guided plan to follow alongside HQ videos with audio instructions, tutorials on 'how to perform' each foundational strength movement

A week-to-week progressive strength training program to help you get stronger, learn proper technique and stay injury free.

A clear explanation and scientific rationale behind each exercise as well as print-out workout templates to keep track of your strength progress 

Unlocking better hip and lower back mobility will get you better results. That's why we include a daily 5 minute mobility routine to address tight lumbar spine and hips. 

BONUS: A movement based self-assessment to complete before and after the program so you can see your progress!

BONUS: Additional tutorials to teach you how to activate your glutes as well as top tips to get the most out of each exercise.

Our 5-Step Method




Alleviating tightness and pain by Foam Rolling and other methods of deep tissue work since the glute muscles are often the root cause of pain in the lower back and hips

Activating the glutes by unlocking and mobilising the hips. Our specific daily mobility drills target the lumbo-pelvic-hip-complex in order to get better range of motion, increased flexibility and reduce tightness

Switching 'on' the glutes by creating a better brain-glute connection. We teach you how to create better tension in the glutes and train you how to really feel the exercise working each glute muscle


Heavy compound movements are important to build the glutes and make them stronger and injury-free. High repetitions of bodyweight or banded glutes will not cut it when wanting to make aesthetic changes or reduce pain


Isolation exercises come after compound movements. We will include the best exercises to target each one of the three main gluteal muscles (the maximus, medius and minimus. We will also include them as part of a warm-up series and a burn out/finisher at the end of the workouts.

Online Glute Program by Generation Strength Personal Training Hip Thrust
Online Glute Program by Generation Strength for Glute Gains
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The Results You Will Get

Stronger, healthier and more functional glutes that can be tested using our initial and end-of-program self-assessments

A better understanding of what glute exercises work for you and how to best incorporate them into your workouts

Improved mobility, better movement quality in all the major lifts as well as better hip and lower back mobility and flexibility

Online Glute Program by Generation Strength Coaching

Equipment Requirements

In order to maximize results from the program, you'll want access to the following pieces of equipment:

Dumbbells and/or Kettlebells

A Bench or a stable elevated surface (table)

A Glute Band / Mini-Bands

A Barbell

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Bum Mastery by Generation Strength

Sign Up Today

If you're ready to build your bum, address lower back and hip pain whilst getting stronger and healthier glutes, then BUM MASTERY is for you! Click the button below to sign up today! Once you have signed up, you will get instant access to the program. 

€79.99  one-off payment

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