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Beginner Strength Training Online Program

Starting Your Journey
To Strength

Are you feeling unsure of what to do in the gym or afraid to do certain exercises in case you do it wrong and hurt yourself hurt? Do you want to re-learn how to perform movements correctly and get stronger whilst doing so?

Beginning a strength training journey can be intimidating, but we're here to give you the tools you need to remove those fears and help you feel more comfortable in the gym or working out at home!

Throughout this 6-week program you will build strength and confidence in the foundational movements that will set you up for training efficiently and safely alone.

Our 'Starting Out' Program


This 6-week strength training program let's you build a solid foundation of strength and movement because we know starting out on a strength training journey can feel intimidating.

This program is for those new to strength training (less than 2 years experience). It gives you all the tools to remove fears and doubts by holding your hand and expertly guiding you through a training program. It's also designed for those of you that wish to rebuild your fitness base, or address any asymmetries or imbalances.


First, Sign Up

Click the "Sign Up" button to enter your info via our secure app.

Then, Buy Program

Once you buy the program you'll receive an email invite to set up your account and get access the app and your Strength 101 program.

Finally, Get Lifting

Now you have full access to your 6-week program, watch our tutorial videos and start training right away.


Here's What You Get

A clear, guided plan to follow alongside HQ videos with audio instructions, tutorials on 'how to perform' each foundational strength movement

A week-to-week progressive strength training program to help you get stronger, learn proper technique and stay injury free.

A clear explanation and scientific rationale behind each exercise as well as print-out workout templates to keep track of your strength progress 

BONUS: A movement based self-assessment to complete before and after the program so you can see your progress!

Strength 101 Online Program for Beginners from Generation Strength
Strength 101 Online Program for Beginners from Generation Strength Personal Training

The Results You Will Get

A better understanding of how to perform important movement patterns like the squat, hinge, lunge, pushup, and row

A foundation of strength that you’ll be be able to build off of for future, becoming more confident with advanced programs

Improved mobility and movement quality, a stronger body and better core functioning and control

Equipment Requirements

In order to maximize results from the program, you'll want access to the following pieces of equipment:

Dumbbells and/or Kettlebells

A Bench or a stable elevated surface (table)

A Resistance Band

A Pull Up Bar or TRX Suspension Trainer

Strength 101 Online Program for Beginners from Generation Strength coaching
Strength 101 Online Plan 6 week

Sign Up Today

If you're ready to learn the foundational movements of strength and become more confident working out, then STRENGTH 101 is for you! Click the button below to sign up today! Once you have signed up, you will get instant access to the program. 

€59.99  one-off payment

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