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30 Day StrengthFromHome Workout Challenge

I have a special announcement. I am completing a 30 day workout from home challenge and you are invited to follow along. The workouts are a mix of strength, HIIT, mobility, flexibility and soft tissue work. The majority of the workouts will include no equipment. Every workout will be in a 'follow-along' format so you can be guided through each movement as you go. I make sure to include modified versions of tougher exercises so that you can cater the moves to you.

Many of the workout videos I have watched seem to be missing two key components.

1: They lack instructions and form correction

2: They don't show low-impact alternatives

3: It's all HIIT, cardio and Jumping

I wanted to create a workout plan that could address more than just burning calories and high intensity exercises such as jumping lunges. In fact, I hate burpees, jumping anything and cardio. I think that there's always a time and place for metabolic work and it should be included in any great workout plan. However, it is not the only training protocol to include. We spend so much time sitting, on our phones, in our cars, on our sofa's etc,. What we actually need more of is: mobility, stretching, releasing tight muscles, massage ball work and strengthening the posterior chain to compensate for our time spent not moving.

These three reasons are exactly why I wanted to create a workout challenge that helped people to feel confident performing exercise movements without the risk of injury or pain.

In my 30 day plan I have included the following calendar so that you know what's coming up in the next workout. The sessions are between 15-20 minutes. If you are looking to kick start your fitness journey and need some extra motivation then start and subscribe to the challenge.

Come and join me. Let's get strong, fit and flexible.

Gemma, Generation Strength

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