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Fat loss cheat sheet

What you need to know

If you're serious about shedding body fat, follow this cheat sheet. I've condensed my 4 year degree, (sometimes boring) lecture talks, endless hours of research and methods tried and tested by myself and many clients.

Want to lose body fat and keep it off? Stop following advice from the mainstream on cardio, crunches, skipping breakfast, juicing, supplements and other ineffective advice

Although it appears simple, it's not so simple to carry out. It require focus, dedication, determination and good planning. However, it's not all doom, gloom and subbing a tasty pizza for a stale cauliflower crust. We have to enjoy the process a little bit, it can't all suck. If it does, how are we ever going to see long term results? So enjoy the process, be the process, trust the process and love the process. Whatever it takes for you to get from A to B with as much sanity left as possible is worth striving for. So without further ado (unless you've already scrolled right down and ignored my witty and sage advice).

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