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Your supermarket guide to shop smart & healthy

Navigating the supermarket is tricky at the best of times. My top tips for not falling pray to the advertising nonsense of “fat free” “sugar free” “100 calories” “1 of your 5 a day” is to opt for whole foods wherever possible. Usually, you’ll find these types of food in the fruit, veg and meat aisles.

If it goes off/rots in a few days or has a short ingredient list the chances are you’re in the right place. Whilst I believe organic food is better for our bodies, mind and the sustainability of the earth, it isn’t always possible to buy this way. Avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes and anything with a skin you don’t eat, can be bought conventionally. For items such as berries, cherries, peaches, spinach and kale try and buy organically.

Sugar is sneakily put into everything from crackers and yoghurts to beef burgers and salad dressings. Stay mindful about your sugar consumption, continually ingesting high sugar leads to more sugar cravings and can be a key player in weight gain.

The Nutritional Facts section usually grabs our attention first. Whilst calories are important, it’s more important to choose unprocessed foods and to read the ingredient list carefully. If there’s hidden sugars, preservatives, words you can’t pronounce. Chances are its highly processed and not good for your health. Always check the ingredient list first.

I’ve created a great starting guide Cheat Sheet to help steer you in the right direction in your quest for better health. Get the ultimate guide right here

This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor does it mean that any food items you don't see on here are "band". This is a guide to encourage less processed, more nutritious food that will set you off on the right foot with your fat loss quest.

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